HIA Technologies Turns a New Chapter in Professional Development and Training

HIA Technologies announces the launch of Qvio™️ - transforming video engagement with two-way interactivity. With Qvio viewers can ask questions and get instant answers from the content owner's Author-Controlled AI™️.

The Ultimate LMS Buyer’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know When Purchasing an LMS

Whether you’re shopping for your very first learning management system (LMS) or looking to upgrade, the process can be overwhelming. With so many vendor options, each with its own multitude of features and pricing structures, even the most seasoned educators, trainers, and business leaders can feel lost in a sea of choices! Finding the LMS that’s best suited for your organization requires a planned, strategic approach.

eWOW 2023 Virtual Summit #OwnYourGrowth

At eWOW, we are all about holistic growth – personal and professional. Growth that goes beyond a job title and paycheck. This year, eWOW 2023 virtual summit focuses on owning your growth – an action plan that will help you chart your path to success that is unique to you.