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Personal Coach Salary: What Can I Expect?

Master Coach University

A personal coach salary can seem lucrative, but being a personal coach is not for everyone. It depends on your hard work, and if you like working for yourself and helping people, this could be a great career. In this article, we are going to break down how much you can make as a personal […]. Life Coaching Business Personal Coach Salary Uncategorized

Career 180

Loveable Leadership with Jeff Gibbard

Let's Grow Leaders

When your team thinks of you as a leader, is your leadership loveable?


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The Esteemed Coach

Master Coach University

Have you ever thought a potential client really liked you… …and then they just disappeared? Me too. Despite trying to win the “most likable coach on the planet” award… …it didn’t stop clients from “ghosting” me. I felt like clients were lying to me. If they didn’t want me to coach them, why didn’t they […

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Let’s talk about selling

The Creative Life

Selling isn't easy for most creatives. But it's almost always essential. The post Let’s talk about selling appeared first on The Creative Life. Creative Thinking

How to Say No at Work: Powerful Phrases to Stand Your Ground

Let's Grow Leaders

To Gain More Confidence Saying No at Work, Start with Your “Yes” It’s never easy to say no at work. After all, you want to be helpful, responsive, and a team player.

On striving for betterment

Darius Foroux

“It doesn’t matter how good a life you’ve led. There’ll still be people standing around the bed who will welcome the sad event.” ” That’s… Continue reading on Stoic Letter ». stoicism life inspiration friendship self

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Fighting Fear: The Importance of Identifying Your Core Values

Co-Active Training Institute

One of the first things we do in Co-Active coaching with clients is to identify their core values. When you know what your core values are, they can help you to stay grounded in who you are and what you believe in, especially when challenges come up.


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What Leaders Need to Know About AI with Kavita Ganesan

Let's Grow Leaders

Do you want to take advantage of artificial intelligence but are not sure where to start? The process can feel overwhelming—from analyzing existing processes and software systems and choosing where to apply AI automation, to preparing every tier of the organization for the transition.

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The beef tax

Seth Godin

We’re all paying it, every day. In the US, taxpayers subsidize the cattle industry with billions of dollars of tax money each year. Most of that goes to pay for feed crops, but there is also a huge allocation of public land for the grazing of cows. About half the land in the entire country is just for cattle. In addition, a significant portion of the climate problem is directly caused by the effects of bovine respiration as well as the clear-cutting of forests for grazing worldwide.

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Employee Wellness: Ideas, and Best Practices for a Healthier Workplace


Well-being Mental Fitness Business SEO Codeless Optimized


How to Start Your Own Certified Life Coach Institute

Master Coach University

Are you looking to start your own certified life coach institute? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about starting a life coaching practice and becoming successful in the field! Choose the Life Coaching Certifications You Plan to Offer in Your Certified Life Coach […]. Certified Life Coach Institute Coaching Certification

Spiral of Intent

International Coach Academy

A Coaching Model By Ufuk Mahmutyazicioglu, Life Coach, UNITED STATES. Four Stages of the Spiral of Intent. This worksheet reflects my coaching model based on the transformation process that I am passing through since I study Coaching.

Employee Recognition: How Can It Help Counteract The Effects Of A Crisis?

Vantage Circle

A simple "thank you" can make employees feel more appreciated and help boost retention rates. If your employees aren't recognized for their work, they'll take it somewhere else.

Mental Exhaustion Symptoms, Causes, and Ways to Cope


Jump to section. What is mental exhaustion? What are the symptoms of mental exhaustion? Side effects of being mentally exhausted. What are the causes of mental exhaustion? How is mental exhaustion different from other conditions? 11 ways to overcome mental exhaustion.


What are your personal values?

Tony Robbins

Think of the most loyal person you know. The most creative. The most generous, individualistic or compassionate. We all have people in our lives who stand out in a particular way. There’s a reason for this. These people stand out for us because of their strong values. What are values?

From Fear To…

International Coach Academy

A Coaching Power Tool By Olya Taran, Life Coach, UNITED STATES. From Fear To…. Fear: Definition. Fear : /?fir/. noun. an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat.

Leadership Vulnerability: How do I Do This Well? (Video)

Let's Grow Leaders

Karin, I know I get that leadership vulnerability and transparency really make a difference in building trust. And, you know what? IT’S HARD! How do I get okay with it? Where do I start? Does it really matter? What if it backfires?” ” #AskingforaFriend.

Sustainable Business Strategy Brings “Doing Good” to This Artist’s Life & Work

Harvard Business School Online

Combining art and business fueled Miroslav Stiburek’s entrepreneurial spirit. Taking HBS Online’s Sustainable Business Strategy course made him realize that, by bringing sustainability to his work, he could make money and better please his clients

Securing Europe’s competitiveness: Addressing its technology gap

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

Even amid war in Europe and the energy and cost of living crisis that has resulted, the region needs to pay attention to its slow-motion corporate and technology crisis. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights Europe Strategy Digital

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Data Advocacy: 5 Ways To Champion A Big Data Transformation

Correlation One

As a data advocate, you can champion efforts to give employees the skills they will need to power your company's data transformation. Data Literacy


Typical Pitfalls When Creating Accountability and Strategies for Effective Action Against Them

International Coach Academy

A Research Paper By Douglas Cryns, Confidence Coach, GERMANY. Typical Pitfalls When Creating Accountability. The goal of this paper is to increase awareness of the typical pitfalls of setting up accountability frameworks.

Are Founders Discriminated Against If They Look For Jobs?

Forbes Leadership

Most firms say that they want employees to be innovative and creative, but this doesn't appear to extend to wanting to hire former entrepreneurs. Research explores why this is. Careers /careers Leadership /leadership Careers /careers Entrepreneurs /entrepreneurs leadership careers

Trauma and Creative Work: Patrick Stewart

The Creative Mind

Most of us experience some kind of trauma in life. How does it impact creative people, and how can creative expression help? Acclaimed actor Patrick Stewart is one of many artists who have been deeply impacted by trauma in early life. An interview arti.

“And we also”

Seth Godin

The simplest way to run a business is to have no also. We maximize profit, period. At least you’re being honest about it.

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Safety + Discomfort = Growth

Up Your Culture

Psychological safety is one of the most important factors in a team’s effectiveness. Does it exist in your workplace? Psychological safety is a term coined by Harvard Professor Amy Edmondson.

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Project Empowerment – A Unique Purpose-Coaching-Journey

International Coach Academy

A Coaching Model By Paola Gallucco, Transformational Coach, UNITED KINGDOM. Project Empowerment Contribution. This project is my contribution to all the individuals who feel doomed, and stuck in a life they feel does not resemble what they were wishing for.

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Microsoft Says ‘Productivity Paranoia’ Can Hurt Hybrid Workplaces

Forbes Leadership

New data from Microsoft’s Work Trend Index, which surveyed 20,000 employees across 11 countries, finds that despite early signs of a productivity boom during the pandemic, there’s a steep divide between how workers and their employers see productivity two years later.

Five Misconceptions About Maintaining Team Alignment on Processes

EOS Worldwide

Achieving and maintaining team alignment on processes can be challenging for any organization, regardless of size or industry. Many misunderstandings exist about what it takes to get everyone on the same page.

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The grassroots

Seth Godin

Starting at the top seems like great advice. Deal with the people with power and authority. Except… Power and authority aren’t often in the same place. The real power is usually foundational. What happens when humans interact. The way things are around here. Often, the people who are ostensibly in charge are simply choosing from a few culturally acceptable choices, and those choices are dictated by the foundation.

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5 Proven Strategies to Stop Procrastinating—Now! | by Sarah Evans, MCC

The Coaching Tools Company

Originally Posted on The Coaching Tools Company as 5 Proven Strategies to Stop Procrastinating—Now! | by Sarah Evans, MCC. Procrastination is a human challenge: all of us have in some way or at some time delayed, avoided or postponed doing something despite our good intentions.

Rejection vs. Connection

International Coach Academy

A Coaching Power Tool By Ufuk Mahmutyazicioglu, Life Coach, UNITED STATES. Facilitating Growth Mindset Rejection vs. Connection. Vulnerability is the birth place of connection and the path to the feeling of worthiness. Brenè Brown.

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5 Steps To Negotiating Your Best Possible Compensation

Forbes Leadership

With over ten years of experience working in procurement and supply chain, Brandon Bramley is a skilled negotiation expert committed to equipping career professionals with the confidence they need to obtain the compensation they deserve. Read his 5 step process for securing the best salary.

Strategic plan Implementation: How to connect your strategy to your operations

SME Strategy

Words: 1063. Reading time: 5 mins. Strategic planning Leadership implementation operational planning strategy implementation

The chief hype officer

Seth Godin

The chief marketing officer at a big company has an impossible job. The typical duration of a CMO is 18 months because once the CEO realizes that hype for money can’t solve their problems, they get restless. The problem lies in what people think “marketing” is. Marketing isn’t paying for ads, changing the logo or building a social media presence. Marketing is product design, customer service, pricing, customer delight and creating and living a remarkable story.

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Building Resilience to Navigate Change with Dr. Steve Yacovelli


Building Resilience to Navigate Change with Dr. Steve Yacovelli. Hi everyone. It’s Jenn DeWall. And in this week’s episode of The Leadership Habit podcast, we are talking about building resilience! I feel like it’s a message that so many of us need right now.

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Review Your Job Roles Daily

EOS Worldwide

You probably read that title and did a double take. Am I right? Why would I recommend you review your job roles daily? Because it provides insights into which tasks you should focus on accomplishing for the greater good of your organization. .

4 Leadership Strategies To Address ‘Quiet Quitting’

Forbes Leadership

Employee disengagement is a clear warning sign to managers to lean in to better understand a team member's situation. Here are four specific strategies that leaders should use if they sense a marked shift in a team member's level of engagement.