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Do you really need social media?

The Creative Life

The post Do you really need social media? And if so, how can creatives use it - without it using you? appeared first on The Creative Life.

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Media Relations Resolutions for Coaches

International Coaching Federation

One method that can support the growth of your coaching practice but is outside of many coaches’ comfort zones is media relations. When applied consistently, a media presence can be a powerful way to raise your profile and demonstrate your coaching expertise to audiences you may otherwise struggle to reach.

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Paid vs. Owned vs. Earned Media: What's the Difference?

Harvard Business School Online

If you want to help your organization engage and retain customers, here’s an overview of paid, owned, and earned media and how to incorporate each into your digital marketing plan.

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5 Ways Social Media Can Accelerate Your Old School Sales Strategy

Let's Grow Leaders

“Oh, I don’t need any of that social media crap. You know, like building relationships, having a real conversation, solving problems…” I laughed, “Sounds like the perfect way to use social media to me!” 5 Ways to Use Social Media to Improve Your Sales. I’m old school. Solve a problem.

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4 Ways to Leverage Social Media to Enhance Your Career

Let's Grow Leaders

Although many companies caution workers about using social media, utilizing sites like Twitter and LinkedIn can go a long way in positioning you within your own company and as a leader in your industry. Obviously you need to be smart about how you use social media. This is a guest post by LGL Community member Scott Huntington.

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A Coach's Guide to Social Media Best Practices

International Coaching Federation

Social media is essential for businesses, including coaching. By leveraging social media platforms such as LinkedIn and others, you can showcase your expertise, share insights, and express your values, potentially leading to increased client inquiries and effective business promotion.

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What is social media?


Social media comprises the applications and websites that allow people to interact with other users, businesses, communities, and content.

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