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Embracing divergent thinking in the workplace


In other words, divergence is simply a change in direction – a departure from the norm. When it comes to thought processes, divergent thinking can refer to a more creative way of considering and engaging with ideas. Keep reading to find out more about what divergent thinking is and how you can embrace it in the workplace.

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What is Creativity? || The Human Potential Lab

Scott Barry Kaufman

Not only that, but researchers have been able to identify what predicts divergent thinking and its association with certain personality traits. Over the years, there’s been a large number of scientific studies which have sought to measure creativity.


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From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Unlocking the Key to Peak Performance

International Coach Academy

The combination of our storytelling faculty, a strong attitude of belief , and divergent thinking allow us to access lots of possibilities: To dream big. Divergent thinking can refer to thinking outside the box. This type of thinking encourages creativity and exploration.

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Creative Personality – Complexity, Contradiction, Satisfaction

The Creative Mind

Creative people experience complex personality traits that can help nurture divergent thinking and openness to experience, which support creative expression, but these traits can also lead to inner conflicts.

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How creative are you? This simple test will tell you in under 4 minutes

World Economic Forum

The Divergent Association Task was designed by researchers from McGill, Harvard and the University of Melbourne to assess divergent thinking, a key component of creativity.

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Solve problems faster with these 9 visual thinking techniques

Mind Mapping Software

And the mind map format is perfect for divergent thinking. The post Solve problems faster with these 9 visual thinking techniques appeared first on Mind Mapping Software Blog. These questions have a lot of value for personal problem solving. Learn more What problems will you solve?

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Imagination: How Imagining Helps Social Entrepreneurs Create an Impactful Project

International Coach Academy

While the latter leads to divergent thinking, Focused-Attention Mediation improves convergent thinking which allows individuals to keep their attention on track and find solutions to well-defined problems. In Focused-Attention Meditations, attention is directed and sustained on a selected object sound, or sensation. [33]