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Embracing divergent thinking in the workplace


To the uninitiated, “divergent” might sound like a negative word. A divergent route is a pain, taking us off our desired course. Google defines ‘divergent’ as: “[something] tending to be different or develop in different directions.” What is divergent thinking?

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Creative Personality – Complexity, Contradiction, Satisfaction

The Creative Mind

Creative people experience complex personality traits that can help nurture divergent thinking and openness to experience, which support creative expression, but these traits can also lead to inner conflicts.


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How creative are you? This simple test will tell you in under 4 minutes


The Divergent Association Task was designed by researchers from McGill, Harvard and the University of Melbourne to assess divergent thinking, a key component of creativity

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14 Ways to Increase Creativity, Backed By Research [And Why it Matters]

She Owns Success

Collaborate with others When you collaborate with others, you share different views and expose your mind to different ways of thinking. Take a walk Research has shown that walking can improve creative thinking and problem-solving. Analytical thinking is the opposite of creativity.

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10 Moves To Unleash Creativity At Work For Better Output

Vantage Circle

Creative thinking is not a talent; it is a skill that can be learned. It encourages more free-thinking and innovation in the business. Here is a list of activities that can help your team think out of the box.

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Innovation Team Director finds right mix of theory and application to inspire creativity

Harvard Professional Development

Program: Creative Thinking: Innovation Solutions to Complex Challenges (on campus). What motivated you to take Creative Thinking at Harvard PDP? What are creative ways to think about our science, processes, and ways of working together? Mary C. Wells, Ph.D.

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Miro vs Mural vs Ayoa: Definitive Comparison (2023)


With deep insights into how the brain works, Chris has been coaching Nobel Laureates and CEOs in creative thinking since 2010. In essence, Ayoa is a thinking tool that allows individuals to collect and organise their thoughts and promote big picture thinking. Twitter. Facebook.