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Seizing the momentum to build resilience for a future of sustainable inclusive growth


The ‘resilience agenda,’ developed by the World Economic Forum with McKinsey & Company, is the first serious program to coordinate long-term solutions throughout our disrupted world.

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5 Simple Yet Powerful Ways To Banish Stress In Under 10 Minutes

Forbes Careers

While long-term solutions like therapy have merit, having more immediate strategies to deal with stress is also helpful.


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How Managers Can Help a Team Struggling with Work Overload


Look for Long-Term Solutions. Employees can only be pushed to endure work overload for so long before they start showing symptoms of overwhelm and burnout. It is important to look a the root causes of the work overload and seek real solutions.

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Best Jobs for Capricorns: Where Ambition Meets Success

She Owns Success

The Sustainability Champion With their practical approach and a deep sense of responsibility, careers in environmental science, sustainability consulting, or green technology development are an excellent fit for Capricorns, who have the patience to work on long-term solutions and the determination to make a real impact on the planet.

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Common Project Management Issues You Can Solve With the Right Tools


Some assignees may be overworked while others might be underutilized, creating an imbalance that can have a negative impact on your team long term. . Solution: Use Wrike’s workload charts to see individual team member availability across all active projects in real-time. Uneven workload distribution.

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10 Simple Ways To Reduce Stress In Your Life

She Owns Success

While it might feel easier to just get on and to try to ignore everything, this isn’t a healthy long-term solution, as unresolved issues will eventually bubble up to the surface. Talk it Out. You’ve heard the phrase two heads are better than one.

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50 Unique Spirit Week Ideas For Work: The Ultimate Guide To Elevate Your Team Bonding

Vantage Circle

It will only offer you a short-term solution if you are witnessing serious disengagement issues among your people. You will still have to dig deep down to find its roots and come up with a long-term solution. Now let's come to the next question. Why should companies organize a spirit week? Let's find out.