Sat.Dec 09, 2023

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Kanban plugin adds simple visual project management to Obsidian

Mind Mapping Software

I recently discovered a plugin for Obsidian that promises to help me convert more of my ideas into valuable content. It enables me to add simple, Markdown-based Kanban boards to my Obsidian vault and use them to manage both my ideas and my content production process. For a creator like me, who always has a lot of ideas in play at all times but didn’t have an efficient way to manage my workflow, the capabilities provided by the Kanban for Obsidian plugin are invaluable!

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How to choose an apartment

Penelope Trunk

I don’t make Nino pay child support and I pay him back for almost all the money he spends when he’s with the kids. He just sent me an accounting for all the times I haven’t paid him back in 15 years. I owe him $8540. I told him he has to wait because I’m currently being evicted from an apartment I love, and if I kill myself over being evicted and people see I just paid Nino they might think I killed myself because of him.

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